California Community Colleges Virtual Veterans Symposium

December 8-10, 2020

Registration is now open for the virtual 2020 California Community Colleges Veterans Symposium, scheduled for Tuesday-Thursday, December 8-10. Join faculty, administrators and staff from across the California Community College, California State University, and University of California systems to share information and best practices for supporting our student veterans.

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The California community college system is continuously seeking ways to improve the educational experience of our student veterans. The Veterans Symposium seeks to further this ongoing effort by ensuring information and best practices can be shared between faculty, administrators and staff who work with student veterans on California Community College, California State University and University of California campuses. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Veterans Symposium has been moved to an all virtual environment. With the move to virtual learning, student veterans face a new set of challenges in their educational experience, and this year’s virtual Veterans Symposium aims to address those challenges head on. This year’s Symposium will also continue to serve as an opportunity for attendees to learn from those who have significant experience serving student veterans, while offering the chance to make valuable connections and providing an opportunity to share and showcase best practices.

Who should attend

Counselors, deans, certifying officials, administrators, trustees, instructional faculty members and statewide leaders from the California Community Colleges, California State University and University of California systems are invited to attend.